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How long does it take to schedule a road test?
Typically, NYS road tests are scheduled 6-10 weeks out. For busier times of year (i.e. summer), there may be a longer lead time. It's best to schedule your road test through Stevens Driving School well in advance of your anticipated date.

I can teach my son/daughter to drive by myself - what's the advantage of using Stevens Driving School?
Stevens Driving School instructors are trained to teach our students not only the skills needed to pass their NYS road test, but to be a safe driver once they have their license. Long-time drivers often develop driving habits that won't serve your new driver well. Trust our professional instructors to teach them the right way to drive!

How long do I have to wait to schedule my road test after I get my permit?
Those who are 16 or 17 have to wait 6 months before scheduling a road test. During that time 50 hours of practice with a parent, legal guardian or driving school is required. Those who are 18 or over do not have to wait.

Do you offer a guarantee that I will pass my road test?
There are no guaranties in life. Even the best drivers can get nervous and fail the road test. We promise that we will give each student the best possible chance of passing his or her road test.

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